What We Do

We provide legal, jail and court support.
We operate a 24/7 legal hotline and provide arrest support by tracking individuals who are arrested.
We provide information to friends and family of arrested, as well as put finance and other working groups on notice of any possible bail needs. We strive to meet any immediate needs for arrestees.
We meet with individuals after release to describe the court process and inform them of their rights.
We connect activists with attorneys willing to provide pro bono legal representation.
We provide Know Your Rights trainings on a variety of topics
Demonstration and first amendment rights
Street law
Interactions with state and national law enforcement
Security culture
The arrest and court process
Provide information about political trials.
We welcome and encourage requests for trainings on these and other topics, including requests for workshops on other legal issues.
We will contact the National Lawyers Guild and arrange for Legal Observers for actions for which we have advanced notice.
We will provide on the ground support and know your rights trainings prior to actions.
We welcome and encourage groups and individuals to seek advice from the legal collective regarding proposals and actions.
What don't we do?

We do not provide specific legal advice
We will not provide support to activists who:
Attack, abuse, harass, or intentionally harm others, whether physically, emotionally, verbally, sexually, or otherwise. Speak or act in racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, ableist, ageist, or otherwise oppressive ways

What is our process?

The Legal Collective is committed to direct democracy. Our current voting process requires a 51% quorum and a supermajority of that quorum to pass a proposal. We strive for consensus on all proposals and actions.

Call the Arrest Hotline (484) 758-0388


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