Alex is a community organizer, artist, urban farmer, educator, and student of the earth. Born and raised on the upper east side of New York City, Alex developed a heightened sensitivity to social injustice at a young age as he experienced the deep segregation between his own neighborhood and the adjacent communities of color of East Harlem. A service trip to New Orleans post-Katrina as a freshman in high school was what ignited Alex’s passion for social change.

In 2007, Alex co-founded the New York 2 New Orleans Coalition (NY2NO), a student-run organization devoted to service learning in New Orleans. The organization continues to operate today under the leadership of current high school students under the name NY2X.

In 2009, Alex moved to North Philadelphia to attend Temple University. With the same passion that inspired NY2NO, Alex co-founded the Urban Creators with fellow visionaries as a way of building bridges between Temple & North Philly, and building equity in the local community.

Today, Alex serves as Co-Executive Director of the Urban Creators, and is responsible for developing strategic partnerships & building organizational capacity. In this role, Alex has raised over $600,000 for the organization, led over 5,000 volunteers in direct service projects, co-facilitated social justice education and skills training workshops for more than 500 students (ages 6-25), designed curricula, planned festivals and conferences, and facilitated dozens of community meetings. No matter how much the Urban Creators has grown, Alex has remained committed to grass-roots community organizing as his foundation for forging social justice.