Amanda Spitfire started organizing for gender and social equality with the Sexual Assault Services Department in New Jersey in 2001. While there they directed and organized improv skits and retreats with SCREAM Theater to raise awareness on the myths and facts of domestic violence & sexual assault. In 2002 Amanda began organizing with and performing poetry at Take Back the Night (TBTN). In 2003 they began working with the Community Empowerment Project (CEP), focusing on anti-militarism/occupation & counter-recruitment work. Since 2007, when they came to Philadelphia, they have been working with dually-diagnosed clients recovering from trauma & drug addiction in a community mental health setting as well as with veterans of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. Amanda attended Temple University in 2008 for a Masters in Social Work degree, after realizing the need for more access to resources in the hands of radical folks & communities and wanting more autonomy and power over the necessary immersion of traditional social work with anti-oppression framed, social justice work. They began organizing Take Back the Night in Philly in 2010 & facilitating trauma workshops in 2012. Amanda works with Project SAFE, increasing access to harm reduction resources in Kensington & North Philly, the Philly Red Umbrella Alliance, focusing on decriminalizing sex work and increasing access to basic human & workers’ rights for sex workers, and is a member of the Up Against the Law (UATL) legal collective, educating on & confronting state & police violence through Know Your Rights trainings and access to legal information & support. They believe it is our duty to confront & challenge white supremacy, capitalism, and rape culture with the power of strong communities supporting each other through resiliency, organizing, and the liberation of resources. Amanda is the creator of “Radical Mental Health & Trauma: Post-Traumatic Stress & Healing Relationships Together” and co-creator of “Keep Loving, Keep Fighting: A Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Guide”. They are a trauma- informed social justice worker and intersectional anti- oppression organizer, dedicated to social transformation and access to basic human rights such as safety, education, healthcare, housing, and food for all.


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