Russell A. Hicks is a passionate business leader, committed educator and visionary for sustainable impact in communities around the world. Mr. Hicks is a social entrepreneur, and teaches social entrepreneurship to youth in order to deliver 21st Century skill-sets, business planning and the triple bottom –line business model (People, Place and Profit). He serves as owner and C.E.O. of Ebony Suns Enterprises, LLC, a sustainable consulting business that provides program development for schools and non-profit organizations and project management for emerging private-sector companies in the green economy.

Russell A. Hicks, originally from Chicago IL, graduated from Howard University in Washington DC with a B.B.A. in Business Management. Russell A. Hicks has over 15 years of experience in economic development and education. He has developed a brand for granting students with access to higher education and connecting entrepreneurs to professional resources. His expertise includes business consulting, strategic planning, fundraising, accounting, leadership training and mentoring youth. Russell A. Hicks has trained over 500 youth, and served adult entrepreneurs in cities that include Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, and throughout Greater Philadelphia.

His vested interest and future plans are in philanthropy, international business, real estate investment, and economic development projects in under-served communities in the United States and developing countries. He is initiating a social media website at
ebonysuns.comwhere youth and adult members have access to online classes, e-commerce, and crowd-sourcing opportunities for values-driven projects and sustainable ventures.

Russell Hicks recently was named one of Philadelphia’s Most Innovative Entrepreneurs by the Philadelphia Daily News/Inquirer and one of Philadelphia’s Most Influential 10 People to Watch Under the Age of 40 by the Philadelphia Tribune. His business, Ebony Suns Enterprises, LLC was awarded a $20,500 grant from the Knight Foundation for Black Male Engagement in 2012. Mr. Hicks served as a Legislative Fellow in 2013 and is President of the Board of Partners of the Americas, Pennsylvania-Bahia Chapter.
He currently mentors over 30 youth entrepreneurs on a rotating basis through various green industry sectors that include eco-tourism, sustainable real estate, organic apparel design and merchandising.

Russell Hicks is also founder and head designer of Ebony Suns Fashions. Ebony Suns Fashions is a sustainable apparel company that provides organic designer lines to retailers and wholesalers online. Ebony Suns Fashions is a visual forum for art and culture and a vehicle for social entrepreneurship for youth via fashion and multimedia. The company serves as an industry source for cultural lifestyle apparel by empowering young industry professionals through fashion show fundraisers and plans for a design and distribution center.

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