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“Northern Liberties might be getting too hip for its own good--and it doesn't help when people call it "NoLibs." The post-hip yuppie types are moving in and rents are going up up up. Don't let that scare you, though--it's still a great 'hood.”

“The Northern Liberties Neighbor’s Association is the engine at the heart of our neighborhood. We bring neighbors together and advocate for the community.” 700 N. 3rd St., 1st Floor, Phila., PA 19123

Blurry Edges

February 26, 2017. 4 pm. COLLABORATOR ONE drives as COLLABORATOR TWO narrates their Northern Liberties exploratory trip, improvising on an aborted walkabout because of the cold.

COLLABORATOR ONE: How do we know who to interview if we don’t know the boundaries for the neighborhood? The maps don’t match.

COLLABORATOR TWO: What do you mean?

COLLABORATOR ONE: What are the boundaries for Northern Liberties?

COLLABORATOR TWO: It depends on who you ask.

COLLABORATOR ONE: Does it go beyond Girard Avenue, on the other side?


COLLABORATOR ONE: What about above 6th Street?

COLLABORATOR TWO: Yea. It goes a little beyond that too.

COLLABORATOR ONE: I can’t follow the ads on the real estate pages.

COLLABORATOR TWO: It depends on if you’re buying or selling.



“The employment numbers show that there are 66% white collar employees and 34% blue collar employees in Northern Liberties. Crime rate in Northern Liberties is above the national average. The most frequent crime is Robbery Risk while the least frequent is Burglary Risk.”

Recent Sales in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, PA

461 Myrtle St, Philadelphia, PA, 19123$540,000

320 Brown St #D, Philadelphia, PA, 19123

811-815 N 2 St, Philadelphia, PA, 19123

835 N Lawrence St, Philadelphia, PA, 19123

553 N Lawrence St, Philadelphia, PA, 19123

943-945 N 4 St, Philadelphia, PA, 19123

719 N 3 St, Philadelphia, PA, 19123

1131 N Howard St, Philadelphia, PA, 19123

919 N 5 St #18, Philadelphia, PA, 19123

946 New Market St, Philadelphia, PA, 19123

Mona R. Washington is a graduate of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and Harvard Law School. She is a proud member of Voices of Our Nations Arts (VONA). Her plays have been performed in New York, Philadelphia, Rome, and Paris. She's been awarded fellowships at The Djerassi Foundation, The Dora Maar House (Provence, France), The Ucross Foundation, and The Jack Kerouac House, amongst others. Queries regarding performance rights for plays may be directed to .
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