/sanctuary may 18 '17


The following is a note from our collaborators at New Sanctuary Movement:

We are postponing Friday's planned action at ICE until later in June. We are so grateful to partner with Philadelphia Assembled in this work and grateful for their flexibility to follow the lead of the immigrant community.


/sanctuary may 15 '17

Laos In The House Storybooth

We're so happy the Philadelphia Assembled (PHLA) x Laos In The House Storybooth is finally up and running and can currently be seen at the Institute of Contemporary Art! However we know that many of our followers couldn't make it to our #BLESSED event, or don't live in Philadelphia so here's a video!



/sovereignty apr 24 '17

The Feel, The Look, The Taste of Sovereignty

In February of 2016 I embarked upon a creative journey along with a group of beautiful people from across the city of Philadelphia to talk about this atmosphere called "Sovereignty ".

/movement apr 22 '17

The PHLA Education Workbook: Teaching is an Art.

I believe that teaching is an art.At its best, a sacred art, a sacred responsibility. Audre Lorde offers “I know teaching is a survival technique.


/futures apr 22 '17

Art and Activism

The tension in our bodies, sparked by the future’s difference from the present, is the precursor to art. You see something that isn’t there, and then you create it. At the nexus of uncertainty and competence, all this energy & vision & where can it be put?

The Philadelphia Museum of Art, as a keeper of history, is a residence for such stories transformed into engraved gestures, scraps of fabric, splashes of paint and more.


/sanctuary apr 14 '17

Storytelling as Sanctuary: Laos in the House

Story is central to human understanding—it makes life livable, because without a story, there is no identity, no self, no other (Lewis, 2011).

/reconstructions apr 10 '17


The American criminal justice system holds more than 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 901 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,163 local jails, and 76 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, and prisons in the U.


/movement mar 15 '17

Practices that ground movements and seed futures

The PHL Assembled Film Series focuses on practices and rituals of resilience among organizers, cultural workers, and movement builders. This archive of care is shared through the perspective of a future archivist looking back at our current moment of crossroads.


/reconstructions mar 8 '17

Blurry Edges

“Northern Liberties might be getting too hip for its own good--and it doesn't help when people call it "NoLibs." The post-hip yuppie types are moving in and rents are going up up up. Don't let that scare you, though--it's still a great 'hood.


/reconstructions feb 28 '17

The First Time

Public art is not an art “form”. Its size can be huge or small. It can tower fifty feet high or call attention to the paving beneath your feet. Its shape can be abstract or realistic (or both), and it may be cast, carved, built, assembled, or painted.


/futures feb 23 '17

Story of the Bus, part 2

So the Beardspace bus was a no-go. According to the mechanic, the crosspiece was completely rotted out, necessitating thousands of dollars in repairs. I drove the bus back to New Jersey, and took the rest of the day off.


/futures feb 16 '17

Story of the Bus, part 1.

Thursday, February 16. Getting on the PATCO at 6:30 am. Going to buy a bus for the Mobile Futures Institute. Already well behind schedule.

/movement feb 1 '17

We will not walk backwards

On January 20th, 2017, the day of the United States presidential inauguration, PHLA Production Editor Zein Nakhoda joined groups from across Philadelphia for The People's Inauguration.


/futures aug 31 '16

Film Screening: Embrace of the Serpent

Futures collaborators met in August to watch the film Embrace of the Serpent (2015).

" In the early 1900s, a young shaman (Nilbio Torres) in the Colombian Amazon helps a sick German explorer (Jan Bijvoet) and his local guide (Miguel Dionisio Ramos) search for a rare healing plant.


/reconstructions aug 12 '16

Field Trip to William Goldsby's House

On the afternoon of July 9, 2016, Reconstructions Working Group members gathered in the home of William Goldsby, in Nicetown/Tioga. William is the Director of Reconstruction, Inc, a leadership program for individuals in re-entry.


/sovereignty may 20 '16

Visit to Experimental Farm Network

On one of the first days that felt like summer, Jeanne and myself (Phoebe) visited the Experimental Farm Network's farm in Southern New Jersey. Nate and Dusty our trusted tour guides gave us directions to go out into the field.


/reconstructions may 7 '16

Field Trip to Lest We Forget Slavery Museum

On a grey day in spring, ten Reconstructions Collaborators gathered to visit the Lest We Forget Slavery MuseumLest We Forget Slavery Museum in Port Richmond.


/sovereignty apr 3 '16

Coordinating Meeting for DNC Demonstrations This Summer in Philly

Up Against the Law Legal Collective invites you to a meeting for organizations across Philadelphia who are planning rallies/marches/demonstrations during the Democratic National Convention this summer in Philadelphia.


/sanctuary mar 13 '16

Field Trip to Colored Girls Museum

Sanctuary took a field trip to the Colored Girls MuseumColored Girls Museum in Germantown. Around 20 of our collaborators came for a wonderful walk through the house staying around two hours.