aug 19 '17


Visages of the Underground: Land Sovereignty Move-In Performance

Philadelphia Urban Creators, 2315 North 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19133

sep 9 '17


Opening Celebration

2525 Pennsylvania Avenue
Takes place at the Perelman Building


Philadelphia Assembled tells a story of active resistance and radical community building through the personal and collective narratives that make up Philadelphia’s changing urban fabric. These narratives will be explored through a collaborative effort between the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a team of individuals, collectives, and organizations as they experiment with multiple methodologies for amplifying and connecting relationships in Philadelphia’s transforming landscape
/sanctuary jul 25 '17

New Sanctuary Movement Newsletter: Six Months Under Trump - Transforming Fear and Anger Into Concrete Action

It has now been 6 months since the Inauguration, and as we transition to fighting for the long haul we remember a few things: • As we defend our communities against the extremist policies of the Trump Administration, it is critical we also have offensive campaigns.


/reconstructions jul 25 '17

Dedication of the Memorial to Loss: Freedom in a Carceral State

On July 8, 2017, the Alumni Ex-Offenders Association (AEA) gathered with members of the Nicetown/Tioga community to dedicate the Memorial to Loss: Freedom in a Carceral State. The program was the culmination of a series of planning meetings between AEA and Philadelphia Assembled (PHLA).


/futures jul 1 '17

You Are Now Here - with Black Quantum Futurism

Maps are everywhere around us, ever present to help us navigate both public and personal geographies, or orient ourselves in communal and universal landscapes. But all maps come with an agenda - as much as maps can reveal about a place or idea, maps also have the power to hide or distort truths.


/sovereignty jun 25 '17

Marketplace: Seeds of Sovereignty

African Cultural Art Forum in partnership with Philadelphia Assembled presents a day-long celebration of West Philadelphia’s 52nd Street historic legacy with The “Marketplace: Seeds of Sovereignty” festival.


/movement jun 19 '17

Philadelphia Assembled Film in Post Production

As the calendar of PHLA public events unfolds across the city, the Philadelphia Assembled Film Series is in Post Production. The narrator-character, We, is taking shape, testing their voice, finding their footing in time.


/reconstructions jun 10 '17

Jeopardy: Mass Incarceration Edition (excerpts)

Performed by Lisa Adjei at Reconstruction Inc.’s Mass Incarceration Teach-in on June 10, 2017 at Mercy Neighborhood Ministries of Philadelphia, Inc., 1939 W. Venango Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvan


/reconstructions may 30 '17

Lighting of the Bridges

Passage from the Lighting of the Bridges ceremony: “Tioga, or Teaoga as it has also been spelled in the past, is a Native American Word meaning gateway, or the meeting of two rivers.  As a place, Tioga was an especially strategic location.


/futures may 27 '17

Exploring Paul Robeson

The Mobiel Futures Institute stopped by the Paul Robeson House today for their Open House and a special performative reading of Robeson's 1956 testimony before the House Committee of Un-American activities.


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