Philadelphia Assembled tells a story of active resistance and radical community building through the personal and collective narratives that make up Philadelphia’s changing urban fabric. These narratives will be explored through a collaborative effort between the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a team of individuals, collectives, and organizations as they experiment with multiple methodologies for amplifying and connecting relationships in Philadelphia’s transforming landscape
/movement jan 2 '18

Within these Walls

A friend recently commented on the impossibility of change, until it happens. To create realities is an immense undertaking, but it’s those small, seemingly unattached victories that weave the webs we now call history.


/futures dec 6 '17


I went to the staged reading of WORKING on October 24th, directed by Jean Haskell and presented by the students of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Temple University. The staged reading consisted of excerpts from the musical, WORKING, which was originally based on nonfiction book published in 1972.


/movement dec 6 '17

The History of Resistance in Food

Where do you see the history of resistance in your food? Working alongside the Kitchen’s theme of resistance, Shari Hersh of Homestudio-Lab, led an interactive quilting workshop to invite visitors to dig into their own food stories and histories using the prompts of the Kitchen.


/futures dec 5 '17

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is Not About Columbus

We can’t have dialogue if our languages are dead. At the Indigenous Peoples’ Day Celebration, we learned of Coaquannock’s former Pow Wows celebrated in a beautiful documentary by Ollin Yolitzli Calmecac.


/sovereignty dec 5 '17

#Politicourselves: Building New Histories

It takes a lot of joy and creative style to keep a community strong. Charlyn Griffith, a North Philadelphia resident, has made it her mission to open up the conversation around how we want our cities organized.


/movement dec 1 '17

Fathers and Children Take the Stage at the PHLA Fathering Festival

On November 11th and 12th, the Perelman Building galleries were filled with a new sound: the pitter-pattering of tiny feet. This was PHLA’s Fathering Festival, a two-day event organized by the Fathering Circle in collaboration with several other fathering organizations based out of Philadelphia.


/movement nov 11 '17

The Fathering Festival

“Is she okay being touched?” I asked the father of the crying child. He said yes, so I picked her up and she hugged me as I pointed to Les, her father, who was busy filming rehearsal for the Fathering Festival movement piece.


/movement nov 10 '17

The Visitor and the Wall: Hosting “Philadelphia Assembled” and Reflections on Gentrification

As the autumn leaves begin to fall around us and Philadelphia’s air is full of crisp possibilities, something very special is happening in the Perelman Building at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. “Philadelphia Assembled,” the cumulative exhibition of a project over three years in the making and initiated by Dutch artist Jeanne van Heeswijk, does not seek to tell the viewer what to think, but rather probes questions that people like myself--a lifelong Philadelphian--sometimes do not ask ourselves.


/reconstructions nov 7 '17

Home Sweet Home: Homestudio Lab Workshop

On Saturday, October 21st, I had the chance to attend the Homestudio-Lab workshop, “Home Sweet Home”, which took place as part of a day-long series of programs focused on gentrification and displacement.


/sovereignty oct 14 '17

Bodies: Part 2

...all stemming from the hearth, the central meeting place in non-linear space time; the fireplace ‘round which the Move family gathered. As in real life, the event was full of complexities. The heart has many ventricles, but the blood moves everywhere the body will allow.


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