jun 15 '17


Toward Sanctuary: Launch

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Toward Sanctuary

How can Philadelphia become a true Sanctuary City? To connect various forms of sanctuary, including LGBTQ safe-spaces, immigration and migration, youth and adult street homelessness, and harm reduction in drug use and sex work, the group has created a traveling pod, created by Traction Company, that will live with various community partners between mid-April to mid-June.


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jun '17

Toward Sanctuary: Launch

Location to be announced
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The Sanctuary atmosphere has concluded that there is no singular definition of sanctuary (i.e. what is sanctuary for one person might not be the same for another). As such, their activities in the city in 2017 will seek to embody a dynamic understanding of sanctuary that expresses various models of self-care, asylum, and refuge. In order to realize this site of embodied sanctuary, the Sanctuary collaborators have brainstormed what their notions of an ideal safe-space could look like, even if such a space only exists outside the bounds of reality. Through 2017, the Sanctuary atmosphere will continue to focus on the intimate, personal ways in which individuals across the city create their own sanctuaries that help them to survive and thrive in Philadelphia.

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