/movement apr 22 '17

The PHLA Education Workbook: Teaching is an Art.

I believe that teaching is an art.At its best, a sacred art, a sacred responsibility. Audre Lorde offers “I know teaching is a survival technique. It is for me, and I think it is in general; and that’s the only way real teaching, real learning, happens.


/movement mar 15 '17

Practices that ground movements and seed futures

The PHL Assembled Film Series focuses on practices and rituals of resilience among organizers, cultural workers, and movement builders. This archive of care is shared through the perspective of a future archivist looking back at our current moment of crossroads.


/movement feb 1 '17

We will not walk backwards

On January 20th, 2017, the day of the United States presidential inauguration, PHLA Production Editor Zein Nakhoda joined groups from across Philadelphia for The People's Inauguration.


/movement jan 19 '17

Dada Presentation

Below are works by Eric Marsh Sr., Billy Yallowitz, and Les Rivera about their personal experiences with fathering. These works were presented during the Second Collaborator Assembly on December 11th, 2016.


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