/futures jul 1 '17

You Are Now Here - with Black Quantum Futurism

Maps are everywhere around us, ever present to help us navigate both public and personal geographies, or orient ourselves in communal and universal landscapes. But all maps come with an agenda - as much as maps can reveal about a place or idea, maps also have the power to hide or distort truths.


/futures may 27 '17

Exploring Paul Robeson

The Mobiel Futures Institute stopped by the Paul Robeson House today for their Open House and a special performative reading of Robeson's 1956 testimony before the House Committee of Un-American activities.


/futures may 1 '17

Futures on Strike: A Day to Speak of Freedom and Just Futures

Coinciding with May Day, a historic day for labor activism, Futures on Strike consisted of a workshop, open conversations with passersby, and spoken-word performances that draw on stories of freedom and just futures.


/futures apr 22 '17

Art and Activism

The tension in our bodies, sparked by the future’s difference from the present, is the precursor to art. You see something that isn’t there, and then you create it. At the nexus of uncertainty and competence, all this energy & vision & where can it be put? The Philadelphia Museum of Art, as a keeper of history, is a residence for such stories transformed into engraved gestures, scraps of fabric, splashes of paint and more.


/futures apr 19 '17

Writing the Apocalypse - Workshop!

People say the future is in the hands of the youth, because adults are stuck in their ways. The future consists of living in the moment while holding onto a direction. As adults, our lack of futurity derives from our distance from the present moment - we are stuck in the past.


/futures feb 23 '17

Story of the Bus, part 2

So the Beardspace bus was a no-go. According to the mechanic, the crosspiece was completely rotted out, necessitating thousands of dollars in repairs. I drove the bus back to New Jersey, and took the rest of the day off.


/futures feb 16 '17

Story of the Bus, part 1.

Thursday, February 16. Getting on the PATCO at 6:30 am. Going to buy a bus for the Mobile Futures Institute. Already well behind schedule.


/futures feb 16 '17

Process-Oriented Thoughts on Managing Time

The Futures atmosphere, somewhat ironically, has been the atmosphere that has been least effective at managing its time. We are a process-oriented team, and as Philadelphia Assembled has ramped up into a production-oriented focus, we’ve found ourselves a little lost.


/futures jan 25 '17

A History Lesson

"President-elect Donald Trump is bringing along with him a Senate and Congress dominated by Republican majorities with strong proto-fascist elements. Many people are understandably distraught considering the threats to immigrants, LGBT people, Muslims, women’s reproductive rights, and the implications for poor and marginalized Black communities.


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