/futures apr 22 '17

Art and Activism

The tension in our bodies, sparked by the future’s difference from the present, is the precursor to art. You see something that isn’t there, and then you create it. At the nexus of uncertainty and competence, all this energy & vision & where can it be put? The Philadelphia Museum of Art, as a keeper of history, is a residence for such stories transformed into engraved gestures, scraps of fabric, splashes of paint and more.


/futures feb 23 '17

Story of the Bus, part 2

So the Beardspace bus was a no-go. According to the mechanic, the crosspiece was completely rotted out, necessitating thousands of dollars in repairs. I drove the bus back to New Jersey, and took the rest of the day off.


/futures feb 16 '17

Story of the Bus, part 1.

Thursday, February 16. Getting on the PATCO at 6:30 am. Going to buy a bus for the Mobile Futures Institute. Already well behind schedule.


/futures feb 16 '17

Process-Oriented Thoughts on Managing Time

The Futures atmosphere, somewhat ironically, has been the atmosphere that has been least effective at managing its time. We are a process-oriented team, and as Philadelphia Assembled has ramped up into a production-oriented focus, we’ve found ourselves a little lost.


/futures jan 25 '17

A History Lesson

"President-elect Donald Trump is bringing along with him a Senate and Congress dominated by Republican majorities with strong proto-fascist elements. Many people are understandably distraught considering the threats to immigrants, LGBT people, Muslims, women’s reproductive rights, and the implications for poor and marginalized Black communities.


/futures jan 15 '17

How Things Happen Before They Happen (behind the scenes)

Last week I met with Ron Whyte, a Futures collaborator and friend of mine, for coffee to discuss programming for the public phase of Philadelphia Assembled. We talked about finding specific ways to empower engaging in the future.


/futures jan 1 '17

Why I'm Here (what decolonization means to me)

Uncertainty isn't the problem. The problem is what we do with it. The stories of manifest destiny and colonialism are diseases, namely spoken through white, male bodies. They belong to nobody. Decolonization means not letting someone else speak an intention (in-tension…) through you.


/futures dec 15 '16

Philly Stay Resisting

Philly loves a story. These days, a meme is worth a thousand words. Futures aims to gather and tell our stories, no bullshit. You from here or nah? Who hasn't been challenged to prove their cred in this tough-loving town? Feeling the history of the land as an unbroken thread, extending from before white colonizers even got here, helps us understand where we might be able to go, together.


/futures nov 1 '16

Our Emergent Futures (Process Blog)

Futures are visions without bodies, yet. Tomorrows are the horizons that we walk toward. When each tomorrow comes around, it's suddenly today, and here we are running around, the envisioned future of yesterday etching its beauty and struggle into our bodies.


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