In the project's second phase, in summer 2017, elements of the PHLA public sites will begin to move in a public procession from the city to the Museum’s Perelman Building. Conceived by Keir Johnston and Ernel Martinez of the artistic collaborative, Amber Art & Design, this series of performances is collectively titled, Visages of the Underground.

Through these performances, Johnston and Martinez will map routes that speak to the historical trails of the local indigenous community; to the traverses of undocumented immigrants; to the passages of freedom in relation to past and modern slavery; to the pathways of those who travel under persecution - offering a new map that speaks to the subjects and stakeholders that have been ideated as part of PHLA.

At each site, visitors will be invited to join in the performance, allowing for organic movement and interaction along the way. Each performance will end at the Perelman Building of the Philadelphia Museum of Art located at 2525 Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130, where the sites associated with the project’s atmospheres will re-assemble in a participatory and interactive display that invites open dialogue among collaborators and the project’s multiple audiences.

Check out the PHLA events calendar for full performance details!

Photo by Streets Dept/Conrad Benner

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