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Review on new audio release of 20 diversified Tracks entitled : The Legend Of Poetica

Producer for Mobile Muse Media LLC, lavacore sponsor for the 7th Annual philly farm and food fest, Poetica Produced & Developed Heritage Garden Village Exhibition: Urban Indigenious Agricultural Service providing Network displayed at the PA Convention Center

"We are the atmosphere"

Meeting the minds whose bodies passed by mine thru time our eyes came together to make four before.
Now, Again once more for Future, for Reconstruction for Sovereignty, for Sanctuary.
Now is the time the minds meet on Land rights and longing to be apart. Breaking Bread, Telling Stories, tales heard, listened closely, bonded, broke oaths of secrecy to broaden the circle of those seated, Left some seats empty, some stood, some sat, some crawled along the way to resurface here today present, promising, powerful and progressing with potential. Plenty Indians, Plenty Chiefs. Plenty Seats. Plenty Eats and desire to transform the streets of Philadelphia.

Written by Poetica Bey , copyright 2016
Published June 11th 2016
Collaborator Booklet: Philadelphia Assembled
Poetica Performing "We are the Ones" Philadelphia Art Museum
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Philadelphia assembled Mobile version