Join Praxis Research in exploring and generating ideas about the social world through the thematic lenses of Resilience, Sanctuary, Sovereignty, Reconstructions, and Futures in the Philadelphia Assembled reading group. The readings are suggested but not required for full participation in the discussion.
Suggested Reading:

The Profound Emptiness of Resilience
Parul Sehgal

Resilience is fleeting, adaptive, pragmatic — and it has become an obsession among middle­class parents who want to prepare their children to withstand a world that won’t always go their way. ‘‘Grit,’’ a close cousin of ‘‘resilience,’’ has emerged as education’s magic mantra — a corrective to decades of helicopter parenting. Sehgal explores the call for more 'resilience' as an attempt to quell popular political movement.
7 Pages

Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly: Introduction
Judith Butler

Judith Butler applies her profoundly remarkable ideas on gender and' performativity' to understanding the nature and implications of public assembly—popular strikes, occupations, vigils and other mass movements—of what the sudden and mass assembly of bodies in public means for our understanding of the political, the personal, and human nature itself.
23 Pages

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