I was born in North Philadelphia and raised in the Hunting Park section of the city. At the age of three, I started to doodle on the paper that my mother brought home from work. That was just the beginning. Drawing soon became my passion; I would scribble on any spare scrape of paper that I could get my little hands on, recording everything I saw and the people who I came in contact with.

I went on to graduate from Community College of Philadelphia and then transferred to Moore College of Art and Design where I received my BFA in 2D Fine Arts. In 2010, I graduated with my Masters in Fine Arts in Painting.

Throughout the years, I looked towards my family, surroundings, and cultural heritage for guidance and inspiration. I continue to explore the issues that mean the most to me, including: Parenthood, Indigenous Rights, Urban Decay, and what it means to be a Woman Artist.

I seek to share my art with others in hopes of sparking thoughtful conversation with the viewer. It is my hope to help shed light on some of the often-challenging topics that I address in my work.
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Anti Settler ColonialismCivil RightsClimate ChangeCollective HistoryCultural MemoryEconomic JusticeEnvironmentFeminismHeritage Indigenous RightsRacial JusticeSelf-determination
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