/movement oct 21 '17

Surviving María; unmasking colonialism

A community dialogue with Philadelphia raised Puerto Rican artist S. Damary Burgos

S. Damary Burgos is a Philadelphia raised Puerto Rican conceptual artist and Fine Arts professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in Ponce. She will speak not from an academic perspective but rather that of a mother of two teenage boys and a family committed to transformative, creative, community-based rebuilding and a continued struggle for sovereignty. Burgos hopes to spark a conversation that will give us a taste of the 34-hour whirlwind they survived, the roots of dysfunctional relief efforts and their ties to the five centuries of colonial existence that the island has endured. Twenty four hours before returning home, she hopes to share personal experiences and revelations that Hurricane Maria has left the island while offering concrete ideas for expressing more effective solidarity as opposed to being limited to a cycle of charity.

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