aug 19 '17


Visages of the Underground: Land Sovereignty Move-In Performance

Philadelphia Urban Creators, 2315 North 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19133

sep 9 '17


Opening Celebration

2525 Pennsylvania Avenue

sep 21 '17


Recipes for Change with Catzie Vilayphonh

Free Library of Philadelphia, Culinary Literacy Center, 1901 Vine St., 4th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103
/movement may 21 '17

Sovereign Sound Social Series

“All poets, all writers are
political, they either maintain the status quo or say ‘it’s time to change’ for the better.”

Sonia Sanchez

Sound sovereignty is explored through sustainability on stage. As part of Philadelphia Assembled, join us for a series of sound socials that engage this original concept of ‘Sovereignty’ with spoken word specialist, Poetica Bey.


may '17
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