/movement oct 15 '17

Moorish Harvest Festival

Come one come all for a day of Moorish-American multimedia exhibition & cultural family fun.

Wherein you will enjoy Moorish movies Moorish documentaries, Civics-workshops, lectures on how to practically use your Nationality. As well as performances by Moorish musicians.

Sunday, October 15th, 2017 c.e.
10am-5pm at the Perelman Bldg.

Movement Stage:

10.30am-Noon: Introduction to Moorish Americans workshop: highlighting local and national history, art, and civic contributions.

Noon-12.45 pm: live performance by a Moorish band of guitar, keys, drummer.

1pm-2pm: Moor Awards: Honors given to individual elder Moors by Sheikess Tysha Lightfoot-Bey

2pm-3pm: Moorish Civics Workshop

3pm-3.30pm: live performance by Chaplain The Artivist

3.45 pm-4.30 pm: Moorish International Mission panel discussion on the family, health & wellness services offered to Moors in their respective locales.

Movement Corridor:
Moorish Cultural Booths

Media Room/Theatre:
Moorish Movies, and Documentaries running all day.


oct '17
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