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The Power Myth: Tool of Survival + Transformation

A Conversation with Li Sumpter, Marlon MacAllister and Brother Tommy Joshua

How do revolutionary dreams become reality?

What makes change sustainable?

What is the emergent myth of the new age and how is it shaping the cultural landscape of our everyday lives?

Join us for an open conversation between artists, urban planners and community change agents reimagining Philadelphia through the mythic lens. Philadelphia Assembled artist, Marlon MacAllister is joined by Li Sumpter (eco-arts activist and mythologist) and Brother Tommy Joshua (Founder and Executive Director of the North Philly Peace Park) in an open discussion that explores the art of world building in community development and creative resistance. These three distinct voices speak to infinite possibilities of survival and growth in the speculative future and of the stories of trial and triumph that belong to grass roots movements fighting for sovereignty and social justice in the here and now.

A small panel discussion will be followed by a collective discussion and idea-building session!

“Myths are vehicles of human knowledge--timeless vessels of memory and the infinite imagination. In times of existential and ecological crisis, myths become weapons of resistance and tools of survival against the oppression of mind, body and spirit.” (Li Sumpter, Ph.D. Pedagogy of Mythology)

“Decolonization of the imagination is the most dangerous and subversive for there is: for it is where all other forms of decolonization are born. Once the imagination is unshackled, liberation is limitless.” (Walida Imarisha, Octavia’s Brood)

"Let us go on outdoing ourselves...we always do what we ask of ourselves or more than what we know we can do." (Dr. Huey P. Newton)

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