/futures aug 6 '17

Come join The Bloc Party BBQ and register to vote at Hunting Park - North Philly!


Come join The Bloc Party and The Center for Returning Citizens for a family-friendly Sunday afternoon. We will have entertainments, food, speakers and information sessions to register to vote and learn how to join the growing movement of concerned citizens who are determined to fight for fair jobs, housing, food justice and the wellbeing of all residents of Nicetown and the city.

DATE: August, 6th
TIME: 1:00 - 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Hunting Park, Philadelphia PA

Local artists and activists can reserve their space to speak or perform at the provided stage. For more info, please contact Jondhi Harrell at 215-791-0645

Local vendors and organizations can reserve a table to sell your products or share your services at this event. To reserve your space, get in touch with Chris Rogers at


Official sponsors:
The Center for Returning Citizens
Philadelphia Assembled: Mobile Futures Institute

Philadelphia assembled Mobile version