I am some of all these things: wild, radical, passionate, hippie, leftist, hard-working, determined, pissed off at our current reality, team player, friendly, trying to build something autonomous and real, in it for the long haul. I co-direct a nonprofit called the Experimental Farm Network. We are building a grassroots, open-source, collaborative plant breeding and agricultural research network focused on adapting to and mitigating climate change (through perennial-based farm systems that sequester carbon). We are preserving and experimenting with a wide variety of genetic diversity.

One last thing: I have been thinking a lot lately about how there are people in cities that may have an interest in homesteading and living a simpler, small-scale farm life in a rural area that is closer to nature and more sustainable. However, maybe they have no idea how they might make that happen, maybe they don't have the resources and are stuck in their current situation, or maybe they are a person of color that does not feel comfortable moving into a rural area that is mostly white. I am interested in organizing and building with these people, and I have a few ideas myself. I think the barriers to rural homesteading should be less risky, far more easily accessible, and safe. Solidarity.

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