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In 2014 we called upon the tradition of the People’s Assembly to create a unifying practice for what imagined could become a large convening of people. We were interested in what using consensus as a tool for gathering and agreeing upon ideas could accomplish in directing the future of our small organization, our neighborhoods and our section of the city. Our intention has been to invite groups working across social issues and individuals seeking to inform the conversation with historical, often personal context.

Our collective has been involved in supporting our community in improving written and verbal communication skills through book clubs and study groups, expanding access to literature written by people of color and uplifting histories of Black and Brown individuals and groups that have built our city and had great impacts on the world. We have utilized the museums, libraries, and archives throughout the city to contextual placemaking and story keeping, we have imagined ourselves into the future. Additionally, we have traveled to research the practices of communities from other parts of the country which reflect our shared values of economic freedom, creativity, love, joy, and unity.

We’ve been using large-scale art to envision brick and mortar community development with young people, and the tradition of the People’s Assembly to have dialogue across social issues. For our November convening, we are welcoming you/your community organization to join us in a deep exploration of a new city. In fact, inviting you to participate in what we hope to be our largest, most dynamic convening to date.

*Free portraits with local photographers
*And FREE Brunch Program (2-3pm)

#POLITICOURSELVES Creative Placemaker Assemblies
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