/reconstructions jun 3 '17

Teach-in on the History of Mass Incarceration

This teach-in is one in a series of conversations between neighbors, facilitated by William Goldsby of Reconstructions Inc., to address the evolution of mass incarceration. This conversation will explore the meaning of the first nation word “Tioga” and the history of our local bridges. It will also bridge past, present, and future by examining the history of mass incarceration and its impact on our lives both directly and indirectly. To contextualize this, we will use sources such as Michelle Alexander’s book “The New Jim Crow”, which speaks about the former US President Richard Nixon who declared war on drugs and the devastation it inflicted on the Black community nationwide. We will also invite people to gain a better understanding of the national sentencing guidelines which created many laws that ended up commodifying black men, women and children. These guidelines are at the center of an increase in death sentences, life without parole, the adjudication of children into the adult system and the revolving doors for drug addicts, the mentally challenges and other historically poverty stricken populations

Saturday, June 3rd, 5:30 to 9pm: The Witness to Innocence project that is an advocacy and provides transitional support for individuals who were on death row and whose sentences have been exonerated: Fight For Lifers is an organization that advocate parole for men, women and children who are serving a life sentence in Pennsylvania and who have no possibility of parole.

A representative from each of these groups will be available to share with us how these sentences has impacted them personally, familiarly and communally.

Please note that space is limited for this event, seats available on a first come-first serve basis for 25-30 people.

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