/reconstructions jun 1 '17

Blueprint for a Just Neighborhood: House-Raising and Opening Celebration

Join us for a house-raising and house-warming celebration as we put the finishing touches on the framework for an affordable house at the “Blueprint for a Just Neighborhood” site in South Kensington. The evening will feature the performance of "Neighbors?", a Philadelphia scene scripted by playwright Mona Washington. The play will serve as a reflection on the possibilities for engaging with and in the community, while also grappling with issues of gentrification and displacement.

6:00 PM - A Ceremonial Welcome

6:30 PM - Artist Introductions
Denise Valentine
Betty Leacraft
Lisa Adjei
Staci Moore
Brujo de la Mancha
Tieshka K. Smith
Mona R. Washington

6:45 PM - “Just Neighbor” Performance
A one act play written by Mona R. Washington and performed by Tony
Kamani and Asaki Kuruma

7:30 PM - Open House

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