Soil Generation is a coalition of Philadelphia organizations and individuals who support equity and social justice for community-managed green space, gardens, and farms through advocacy, grassroots organizing, and community education.

Soil Generation (formerly Healthy Foods Green Spaces) began promoting citywide advocacy by convening individuals and organizations to be a constituent-led voice for farms, gardens, and green spaces through advocacy, grassroots organizing, and education in 2012. The coalition grew out of the successful campaign convened by the Garden Justice Legal Initiative, Weavers Way Co-op, the Philadelphia Horticultural Society, and others, leading a vocal group of gardeners, farmers and allies to halt a zoning amendment (Bill 120917) introduced to Philadelphia’s City Council that would have placed twenty percent of existing gardens and farms at risk. After we responded to the zoning amendment, we realized that we needed to formalize our efforts and work proactively to expand the reach of urban agriculture and green spaces advocacy in the city.

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