Annette Medford-Griffin is a bookkeeper by trade and advocate by chance who grew up in Philadelphia, PA. Her formal education earned her a PhD – (Philadelphia High School Diploma) but her self-education is where she learned to use her voice to speak up and out for just causes.

On the job, training and volunteering has been the foundation of her passion to advocate on several platforms. As a Community Outreach Tech with Onslow County Partnership for Children, early childhood education was the mission. Working on the staff of the Friends of the Free Library of Philadelphia, Annette experienced the power of the people. In collaboration with community members, forming a coalition to Save the Free Library of Philadelphia successfully this grassroots movement kept open the doors of eleven branches. As a Guardian ad Litem / Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Annette was the eyes and ears of family courts judges whom rulings would determine the future of children in foster.

Annette’s current focus is a solidarity economy using the Cooperative Business Model. Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA) developed a program called 20/20 Study Circle where the participants studied collective economics and Worker / Owner coops. Annette will continue to use her voice to change the conversation.

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