/sovereignty may 20 '16
On one of the first days that felt like summer, Jeanne and myself (Phoebe) visited the Experimental Farm Network's farm in Southern New Jersey. Nate and Dusty our trusted tour guides gave us directions to go out into the field. Two of them, plus a friend, were already working hard as it was past noon and the sun was hot. The two led us around the farm, pointing out various plants for us to see and taste. Jeanne and I both enjoyed the copious amounts of fennel they had grown- not to forget the first strawberries of the season. Dusty was particularly proud to show us the new bees they had gotten from another farmer in the area. He told us that they will not harvest honey until next year so the bees have time to build their hives and nest.

After our tour, Nate handed Jeanne and myself some seeds he would like us to plant. Jeanne and him exchanged some dutch phrases, learned from his time abroad at school. He mostly wanted us to plant these dutch beans he had. The Experimental Farm Network often gets small amounts of seeds from the USDA from all over the world.
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