/sovereignty apr 3 '16
Up Against the Law Legal Collective invites you to a meeting for organizations across Philadelphia who are planning rallies/marches/demonstrations during the Democratic National Convention this summer in Philadelphia.

We are convening this meeting for two reasons:
1. Up Against the Law is planning legal support for all actions/demonstrations and want to share our plans with you/learn what your needs may be.

2. Because, over the past few years, we have provided legal support to many groups across Philadelphia, we thought, through our contacts with so many of you, it would be useful to your organizing efforts to come to a meeting and share who you are, what you are planning, and network with other groups/movements also planning for the DNC.

To be clear, Up Against the Law Legal Collective is NOT organizing demonstrations, etc... we simply are your "support team" and think it will be helpful across movements for folks to come together in a space where they can share with us and each other their powerful visions of social change and plans to take action this Summer to make those visions a reality. This is a one time convening of a meeting for us... Once you come together, it will be up to you to find common ground and move forward together. We hope to see you there!
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