/sovereignty oct 26 '18

Community Control of Land!

FREE THE LAND! On October 25th, Soil Generation took to the streets, as a proud group of community members, educators, gardeners, and people with a cause; real and transparent pathways to community control of land.


/sovereignty dec 5 '17

#Politicourselves: Building New Histories

It takes a lot of joy and creative style to keep a community strong. Charlyn Griffith, a North Philadelphia resident, has made it her mission to open up the conversation around how we want our cities organized.


/sovereignty oct 14 '17

Bodies: Part 2

...all stemming from the hearth, the central meeting place in non-linear space time; the fireplace ‘round which the Move family gathered. As in real life, the event was full of complexities. The heart has many ventricles, but the blood moves everywhere the body will allow.


/sovereignty oct 14 '17

The Mouth, the Gut

Salt, hot sauce, and honey: grit, fire, and sustaining sweetness, rest on the wooden tables of the Philadelphia Assembled Kitchen dining room. The place comes equipped with sunlit views and survival’s strength.


/sovereignty oct 1 '17

Organizing: Part I

Two years of moving parts came together on September 9th of 2017. There were whispers trickling down the grapevine about a change in the city’s heartbeat, gracefully affirming itself with the aging quality of wine.


/sovereignty jun 25 '17

Marketplace: Seeds of Sovereignty

African Cultural Art Forum in partnership with Philadelphia Assembled presents a day-long celebration of West Philadelphia’s 52nd Street historic legacy with The “Marketplace: Seeds of Sovereignty” festival.


/sovereignty jun 18 '17

Master Narratives: Calling a Storyteller by Her Name

On Sunday, June 18th, a grounds with an assorted history awoke to new life humming through its cemetery grasses. Storyteller, Denise Valentine, and members of Fika Capoeira created a timeline of knowledge, passing through a personal history and into a shared Philadelphia lineage.


/sovereignty apr 24 '17

The Feel, The Look, The Taste of Sovereignty

In February of 2016 I embarked upon a creative journey along with a group of beautiful people from across the city of Philadelphia to talk about this atmosphere called "Sovereignty ".


/sovereignty dec 13 '16

Land Sovereignty

Below is the Land Sovereignty presentation for the Collabroator Assembly on December 11th, 2016. Land Sovereignty as Sensory


/sovereignty sep 7 '16

Field Trip to African Cultural Art Forum (ACAF)

Sovereignty Working Group Field Trip 9/6 at 6pm From the ACAF website: "ACAF was established in 1969. We are a community based manufacturing business striving to create more jobs and providing education for our youth through our on-the-job training programs.


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