How can Philadelphia become a true Sanctuary City? To connect various forms of sanctuary, including LGBTQ safe-spaces, immigration and migration, youth and adult street homelessness, and harm reduction in drug use and sex work, the group created a traveling pod, constructed by Traction Company, that lived with various community partners between mid-April to mid-June 2017. Taking the shape of a geodesic dome that one can enter as well as transport, the structure was meant to hold and inspire multiple forms of storytelling and story-gathering - audio, drawn, written, private, public. While these sites grew active, a new program developed from the Sanctuary working group, “Sanctuary Stewards,” trained at these locations, collectively developing vision and knowledge on how intersectional sanctuary can be offered and received.

These stories were curated into a 30’ geodesic dome that served as a forum to discuss, ideate, dream, and collectively imagine sanctuary in Philadelphia from mid-June to mid-July 2017. The site was hosted by the Sanctuary Stewards, who welcomed guests and maintained the space. Additionally, the Sanctuary working group hosted regular programs including film screenings, public forums on sanctuary and safe space, and storytelling and related art workshops. Within the space there were areas to rest, have a conversation, and collect materials on sanctuary related services available throughout the city.

Community Partners included:
The Attic Youth Center
Project SAFE
Prevention Point
Laos in the House
New Sanctuary Movement
Broad Street Ministry

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