"The Ahimsa House is a center for practices of peace & mindful living. In the heart of West Philadelphia we are center for conscious consumerism. Our pillars are ahimsa (non-violence), dana (generosity), metta (unconditional love), and mindfulness.

We serve as a bridge between the Eastern and Western wisdoms. Having gained so much rich philosophy from teachers of the East, the Ahimsa house tries to ground these philosophies in daily practice in the west.

The Ahimsa House is a project under The Pureland Project, a nonprofit dedicated to empower grassroots movements for environmental sustainability and community wellness through experiential education. The project serves to give voice to underserved communities using the principles of compassion and non-violence.The Pureland Project originated in Tibet and funds Garchen Rinpoche’s communities and three schools there. “when we’re inhabited by the energy of mindfulness and concentration, every step we take leads us into the kingdom of God, the Pureland of the Buddha.” Thich Nhat Hanh."
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