Phantazia Washington is an unabashed multiracial, black, queer, femme. Social justice, specifically resisting intersecting systems of oppression are recurring themes in their work as an artist, activist, Transition Framework and TLGBQI educator. Through their work as a Trainer with The Bryson Institute of The Attic Youth Center, Phantazia provides educational workshops for youth and adults, throughout the region on gender, sexuality, race, and best practices for building genuine cultures of respect for LGBTQ youth. In addition to their work as an educator, Phantazia was a founding member of Get H.Y.P.E!, a youth-led training cohort, and co-facilitates The Justice League, an internship for youth seeking to raise awareness of the experiences of queer and gender-expansive youth of color in the child welfare, educational, and juvenile justice systems. In addition to their work at The Attic, Phantazia is also an artist. They have worked with The Mural Arts Program to help create murals that generate awareness to issue of youth homelessness, and specifically the overrepresentation of LGBTQ young people amongst homeless youth.

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