Cultural Engines endeavor to grow healthy communities & ecosystems that are able to meet the needs of all Life, and are thus positioned to peacefully supplant our dying Modern World (a fading system that steals & transports, with great effort, all it needs to survive).

Cultural Engines are groups of people who work together to grow their individual and their community's capacity to empower themselves in all areas of Life. They strive to grow both hubs of living industry (in the form of Homes, sanctuary places, & more), as well as the connections that join these hubs into a powerful network. Through the Engine, we intend to:
Cultivate visionary local leadership.
Create pathways to access the unique & essential gifts in everyone.
Drive a wider, cultural, paradigm-shift towards regeneration -- the property by which Life makes more & more kinds of itself possible.
The West Philly Cultural Engine

This West Philly Cultural Engine is a vocational training program. We offer & host training in gardens, kitchens, permaculture, and regeneration, in which all are invited to share their gifts for the benefit of all.
The yields of this particular Engine (described in greater detail on their website) include:
a Community Supported Kitchen;
a growing number of abundant gardens in the area;
deeper community ties;
educational programs;
life design services; & more.
The Engine is also nested inside of a much larger, growing network of community-supported Cultural Engines — that incubate regenerative enterprise, & grow powerful webs of providers & subscribers that exchange plainly valuable goods & services.

We feel the joy & strength of Community Supported Everything.

The West Philly Cultural Engine was started by Frances Rose Subbiondo in 2012 -- learn more about Frances Rose & her collaborator-mate Acorn below, and visit to view our archives.

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