/sanctuary jul 6 '17

Soul Mending talking circle for the non-religious

When tugging at the veil of materialism, you may sense that some immaterial part of you is getting worn, frayed, or otherwise banged up. This is an opportunity to do some internal & communal mending so we can courageously face external systems, circumstances, and ideologies that threaten the creation's harmony. It is also a chance to experience the "Toward Sanctuary" Dome in person before its final weekend.

We will set a 60min sacred space together on Thurs July 6 from 8:30-9:30, mindful of folks coming and going. What you can expect: pregnant pauses, group singing, embodied reflection, encouragement, listening, discussion, making new connections, and blessing.

This spiritual meetup is open to anyone while reaching for low-context, low-barrier to entry for non-religious people to get some care.

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