/sanctuary sep 23 '17

Survival, Resistance & Victory: Practices of Freedom in Troubled Times

At this, the Autumn Equinox, day & night are of equal length. After a season of triumphant (but slowly diminishing) sunlight, our hours of light and of dark are matched, as the balance tips in favor of the night -- all across the Northern Hemisphere.


/sanctuary jul 25 '17

New Sanctuary Movement Newsletter: Six Months Under Trump - Transforming Fear and Anger Into Concrete Action

It has now been 6 months since the Inauguration, and as we transition to fighting for the long haul we remember a few things: • As we defend our communities against the extremist policies of the Trump Administration, it is critical we also have offensive campaigns.


/sanctuary may 18 '17


The following is a note from our collaborators at New Sanctuary Movement: We are postponing Friday's planned action at ICE until later in June. We are so grateful to partner with Philadelphia Assembled in this work and grateful for their flexibility to follow the lead of the immigrant community.


/sanctuary may 15 '17

Laos In The House Storybooth

We're so happy the Philadelphia Assembled (PHLA) x Laos In The House Storybooth is finally up and running and can currently be seen at the Institute of Contemporary Art! However we know that many of our followers couldn't make it to our #BLESSED event, or don't live in Philadelphia so here's a video! P.


/sanctuary apr 14 '17

Storytelling as Sanctuary: Laos in the House

Story is central to human understanding—it makes life livable, because without a story, there is no identity, no self, no other (Lewis, 2011).


/sanctuary mar 2 '17

Calling in the Spring: An Imbolc Rebellion

Hello, friends! We write to you as we move another eighth cycle turn around the sun. The late-winter holiday of Imbolc was named by ancient Gaelic peoples, and continues to be celebrated by peoples across the globe who seek to mark sacred the turning of the seasons.


/sanctuary jan 25 '17

The People's Inauguration

On January 20th, 2017, hundreds joined with New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia to take The People’s Oath in a promise to defend each other and work for a world of justice, love, and dignity. This is a moment to transform the anger, the fear, and the sadness into active hope, fierce love, and strategic action.


/sanctuary dec 22 '16

Solstice Feast & Famine

Though the creeping cold and its halting starts have teased us through the waning autumn, here in the Mid-Atlantic, winter seems to be settling in at last. The trees are mostly bare, and the last of the hardy, fresh produce is being gleaned from the fields & gardens.


/sanctuary aug 12 '16

Prevention Point Site Visit

Prevention Point Philadelphia is a harm reduction services center in Kensington. Clayton Ruley, a collaborator in Sanctuary, led a few members of the Sanctuary Working Group through the Prevention Point space, a former church on Lehigh Ave, in the early evening of July 29th.


/sanctuary mar 13 '16

Field Trip to Colored Girls Museum

Sanctuary took a field trip to the Colored Girls MuseumColored Girls Museum in Germantown. Around 20 of our collaborators came for a wonderful walk through the house staying around two hours. The Colored Girls Museum is a memoir museum, which honors the stories, experiences, and history of Colored Girls.


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