An avid artist since a toddler, Lisa Fofie Adjei, has been using visual arts as her outlet, in expressing her experience of being imbedded in an interracial & intercultural family of Ghanaian & Italian heritage.

The Jungle of NYC, was the canvas on which she painted, spending many years curiously walking the streets of Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Harlem. Many summers taking trips back to Ghana, where she found solace in the land.

Upon her enrollment of the Little Red School House, she was able to expand her art disciplines; spiraling into forays of textiles, mixed media, portraiture, and design. Participating in art shows & competitions along the way, she was accepted into the prestigious art schools such as La Guardia School of Performing Arts & notably, the Fashion Institute of Design.

She moved to Westchester County; attending the Blue Ribbon Ardsley High School; making her imprint as a cultural medium and activist for international & intersectionality rights for disenfranchised people.

She then moved to Philadelphia to obtain a B.S. in Tourism & Hospitality Management. Currently, she works as an brand manager, activist, community liaison, creative coordinator, mentor, and documentarian of cultural shifts.

She is inspired by the past & influenced by the present.
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