The Alumni Ex-Offenders Association (AEA) is a program of Reconstruction, that addresses former offenders as they come back into the community after being incarcerated. This programs attempts to create an atmosphere that is principled and encourages the members to lead productive lives.

The program focus on two areas:

1.) Membership meetings, in which personal issues of its members are addressed; and,

2.) Work Plan meetings, in which the direction of the program is developed. This program meets on Wednesday, and also meets whenever any crisis arises that must be addressed.
In addition to the above, AEA has created additional sessions to address its membership needs and/or personal issues. This is done with the development of “sub-group meetings”. These meetings are requested by the individual member, and he/she selects whomever they want to meet and share in the resolution of the situation that the member is facing. The dates for these meetings vary, and are scheduled with the convenience of everyone in mind.

Finally, AEA strives to forge principled leadership among its membership, and those who are leaving prison institutions, who have a desire to improve their way of thinking.

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