While Philadelphia Assembled was at the Perelman Building, there were new smells and tastes emerging from the Philadelphia Assembled Kitchen. Imagined by Pascale Boucicaut, Kristin Schwab, and Shanti Mayers, together with cooks from across Philadelphia, the cafe was transformed into a Philadelphia-based culinary experience.

In partnership with W/N W/N Coffee Bar, the Philadelphia Assembled (PHLA) Kitchen offered recipes and dishes curated and prepared by a group of twelve culinary artists, cooks, and storytellers residing in Philadelphia. PHLA Kitchen served up rotating menus inspired by poet, playwright and chef Ntozoke Shange’s inquiry into what food we, everyday people, cook to “celebrate our victories, our very survival.” Drawing from culinary traditions from across the city, PHLA Kitchen was a space for sitting with each other – individuals from different communities, with different experiences and backgrounds–and learning about our unique and overlapping histories of survival, resistance, and victory.

The Philadelphia Assembled Kitchen was open for lunch Tuesday through Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. from September 9th through December 10th.

who we are
In March 2017, Philadelphia Assembled put out a call for Philadelphia cooks and storytellers who are passionate about food and change to collaborate on the creation of the PHLA Kitchen. 40 people from various communities and backgrounds applied and a dozen were chosen to share their experiences, foodways, and visions of survival, resistance, and victory. Throughout the spring and summer of 2017, these culinary artists gathered to honor those who inspire their cooking, share their recipes, and create menus that celebrate and build their individual and collective foodways.

Menu #1 SURVIVAL: September 9th through October 8th 2017
Mieng Lao Sticky Rice Lettuce Wraps by Catzie Vilayphonh (Laos In The House)
Turmeric Grits and Greens (Plus Some Shrimp) by Khaliah D. Pitts (Our Mothers’ Kitchens)
The Peoples Peas by Shivon Love (Our Mothers’ Kitchens)
Pumpkin Bread with Sesame Seeds by Saigay Sheriff

Menu #2 RESISTANCE: October 10th through November 5th 2017
Shepherd’s Pie by Sulaiha Olatunji (PplFood)
Basboussa by Ailbhe Pascal (Fikira Bakery)
Red Cabbage and Apple Salad by Kristin Schwab
Jerk Chicken by Gorman and Baldwin Bright
Mixed Greens–Taylor Johnson-Gordon (Sistah of the Yam)

Menu #3 VICTORY: November 7th through December 10th 2017
Coconut Sea Salt Rolls by Acorn & Frances Rose (K is for Kitchen & West Philly’s Community Supported Kitchen)
Shiktay Moru by Pascale Boucicaut
Stewed Collards and Mississippi Hot Tamales by Nia Minard
Sister's Original Supreme Pies by Sister Nefertari Muhammad

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