/movement aug 17 '17

Visages of the Underground: Economic Sovereignty Move-In Performance

Keir Johnston and Ernel Martinez of Amber Art & Design will travel an object from the African Cultural Art Forum along Lancaster Avenue, a route that leads from the outer edges of the city directly into its center, where they will continue along the path of the Schuylkill River towards the Museum. In doing so, Amber Arts is engaging indigenous histories, the traverses of illegal immigrants, past and modern passages from slavery to freedom, and those who are forced to travel under persecution - each following nature-provided markers and pathways. This pathway from ACAF to the Museum will also comment on the economic system that forces movement of us and our products around the globe. By transporting the boat, Amber Arts will comment on community agency, economic sovereignty, and freedom; paying homage to community ritual, rites of passage, unification toward economic freedom, ritualized celebrations around death & mourning and how they are all connected.

Route: ACAF → 52nd Street → Lancaster Ave → Schuylkill River path → Perelman Building, Philadelphia Museum of Art

This performance is part of the Amber Art & Design series of Move-In performances, Visages of the Underground, taking place the week of August 14, 2017. At each site, Amber Arts will invite participants to join in the performance, allowing for organic movement and interaction throughout the travels. Each performance will have a designated starting location and end at the Perelman Building of the Philadelphia Museum of Art located at 2525 Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

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