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Meet our Culinary Artist Madura Chaudhari of Chai Bar

Join Madura Chaudhari, owner of Chai Bar, as she shares traditional masala chai and Kashmiri pink chai and a series of family friendly stories.

Masala chai is spiced milk tea. Madura uses tea leaves from a small farm in Assam which is full bodied, with deep-amber flavors which gives it a strong and malty taste. It has 5 times less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

Kashmiri pink chai is lightly spiced, sweet and salty, creamy pink chai, which is great on chilly days. This is the way chai is traditionally brewed in Kashmir. Madura likes to top it with crushed almonds and pistachios. The pink color is completely natural (no food coloring involved)!

Through story-telling, Madura wants to share how chai is an integral part of everyday Indian life - from sharing with guests to cramming for exams.

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