/movement feb 1 '17
On January 20th, 2017, the day of the United States presidential inauguration, PHLA Production Editor Zein Nakhoda joined groups from across Philadelphia for The People's Inauguration.

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"We will not walk backwards, we are moving forward in unity and finding ways to support each other. We are stronger when we work to understand each other’s struggles, each other’s work, each other successes and failures. We are stronger when we individually commit to transform ourselves and then transform our communities. We are stronger when after our individual transformation we come together and collectively take an oath to defend our most deep humanity and dignity not only ours but everyone around us. We become stronger when we build relationships where we trust each other and always give the benefit of the doubt when mistakes occur. We become stronger when we do our work from a space rooted in grounded values of humanity and fierce love not only for our supporters but love for the ones who are against us."

The People's Inauguration

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