/movement mar 15 '17
The PHL Assembled Film Series focuses on practices and rituals of resilience among organizers, cultural workers, and movement builders. This archive of care is shared through the perspective of a future archivist looking back at our current moment of crossroads.

Filming over the past months has brought me into people's homes, meeting spaces, sacred places. The project has been an invitation to slow down in the midst of urgency and crises. To linger in those layers of people's lives where spirit is in reach. Where we can glimpse the liberated worlds we're building.

We sometimes say images are captured - but I'm holding the camera as channel - channeling these practices of resilience - of meditation, of music making, of centering, of greeting, of alter-making, of prayer across issues, peoples, times.

The photos here include Brujo de la Mancha practicing meditation and playing hand-made flutes at his home. The tree is an alter of sorts assembled by Amber Felton with treasured objects.
Philadelphia assembled Mobile version