/movement jan 2 '18

Within these Walls

A friend recently commented on the impossibility of change, until it happens. To create realities is an immense undertaking, but it’s those small, seemingly unattached victories that weave the webs we now call history.


/movement dec 6 '17

The History of Resistance in Food

Where do you see the history of resistance in your food? Working alongside the Kitchen’s theme of resistance, Shari Hersh of Homestudio-Lab, led an interactive quilting workshop to invite visitors to dig into their own food stories and histories using the prompts of the Kitchen.


/movement dec 1 '17

Fathers and Children Take the Stage at the PHLA Fathering Festival

On November 11th and 12th, the Perelman Building galleries were filled with a new sound: the pitter-pattering of tiny feet. This was PHLA’s Fathering Festival, a two-day event organized by the Fathering Circle in collaboration with several other fathering organizations based out of Philadelphia.


/movement nov 11 '17

The Fathering Festival

“Is she okay being touched?” I asked the father of the crying child. He said yes, so I picked her up and she hugged me as I pointed to Les, her father, who was busy filming rehearsal for the Fathering Festival movement piece.


/movement nov 10 '17

The Visitor and the Wall: Hosting “Philadelphia Assembled” and Reflections on Gentrification

As the autumn leaves begin to fall around us and Philadelphia’s air is full of crisp possibilities, something very special is happening in the Perelman Building at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. “Philadelphia Assembled,” the cumulative exhibition of a project over three years in the making and initiated by Dutch artist Jeanne van Heeswijk, does not seek to tell the viewer what to think, but rather probes questions that people like myself--a lifelong Philadelphian--sometimes do not ask ourselves.


/movement jun 19 '17

Philadelphia Assembled Film in Post Production

As the calendar of PHLA public events unfolds across the city, the Philadelphia Assembled Film Series is in Post Production. The narrator-character, We, is taking shape, testing their voice, finding their footing in time.


/movement apr 22 '17

The PHLA Education Workbook: Teaching is an Art.

I believe that teaching is an art.At its best, a sacred art, a sacred responsibility. Audre Lorde offers “I know teaching is a survival technique. It is for me, and I think it is in general; and that’s the only way real teaching, real learning, happens.


/movement mar 15 '17

Practices that ground movements and seed futures

The PHL Assembled Film Series focuses on practices and rituals of resilience among organizers, cultural workers, and movement builders. This archive of care is shared through the perspective of a future archivist looking back at our current moment of crossroads.


/movement feb 1 '17

We will not walk backwards

On January 20th, 2017, the day of the United States presidential inauguration, PHLA Production Editor Zein Nakhoda joined groups from across Philadelphia for The People's Inauguration.


/movement jan 19 '17

I need to know how we celebrate our victories, our very survival. What did we want for dinner?

2017 has already inspired a series of social, cultural and political questions that have moved Americans to new levels of action and visioning, in this first month alone. This is the year that a new regime takes control of our government, threatening to push vulnerable individuals and communities to greater levels of exploitation.


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