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DELAWARE TRIBE OF INDIANS Tribal Council Meeting Minutes of May 2, 2017 Taken by Charles Randall Call to Order by the Chief: Chief Chester Brooks called the Tribal Council meeting to order at 5:42 PM. Prayer: Elder Bonnie Thaxton was asked to lead in prayer and Chief Brooks led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll Call: Secretary Charles Randall called roll; present were Chief Chester Brooks, Assistant Chief Bonnie Jo Griffith, Secretary Charles Randall, Member Nathan Young IV, Member Joe Brooks. Treasurer Benita Shea and Member Nicky Michael were not present. There were five Council members present and we had a quorum. Chief Chester Brooks welcomed our guests Joe Brooks made the motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Charles Randall……Reading of Minutes of Last Meeting: Chief Chester Brooks asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes. Nathan Young IV made the motion to approve the minutes of the Tribal Council Meeting of April 18, 2017 as stated, seconded by Joe Brooks. Motion passed 4 yes, 1 abstention (Bonnie Jo Griffith out of town). Unfinished Business: Joe Brooks made the motion to forward the minutes of the Council Meeting of April 18, 2017 to Attorney David McCullough to follow up on two items, the gate at the Jackson Fall-Leaf Cemetery and clarify the authority of the DEDC Board. Motion seconded by Bonnie Jo Griffith. All approved for the minutes to be forwarded to David McCullough with the two item…..

[superscript](1)[/superscript] Lenape for ‘and uh’, a pause filler 'pause filler' like English, 'and uh'
Lenape: kènu {DN}[part]

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