/reconstructions aug 12 '16
On the afternoon of July 9, 2016, Reconstructions Working Group members gathered in the home of William Goldsby, in Nicetown/Tioga. William is the Director of Reconstruction, Inc, a leadership program for individuals in re-entry. As he welcomed us into his home, many expressed their frustrations following a difficult and burdensome week of police violence in the US.

19 collaborators sat on couches, chairs, and on the ground, and gathered to share a lunch of fried fish, fried chicken, and salad. Those present heard from William's work with Reconstruction, Inc, a brief history of the house, and conversation around current events, and the safety to share/express emotion. Denise Valentine, storyteller and Reconstructions Editor, shared a story The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin.

William's Handout

Reconstruction Atmosphere of Democracy
Site Visit (11am to 2pm)
3329 North Uber Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Here are some questions, thoughts, ideas and conversations for us to consider as we create a collective image to project into the future. What is RESISTANCE? What is resilience? And what are substrata? Substrata are layers of matter in the earth, in events, or in dimensions. Each layer provides data for various usage. In many cases we must dig, research, explore and/ore look for these different layers in order to form a picture, or in order for this data to be useful. If and when in a future generation, we collect data that reflect these times, what will we have left to demonstrate how we resist historical oppression and resilience/ Our thinking, writings, art, questions, and movement are all reflected in our future narrative(s).

How is the personal political? What are the differences between objectivity and subjectivity?

Have you experienced sexism, homophobia, ageism, classism or another -ism? How have you spoken of it in private or publicly? How have you been traumatized by it? Have you move beyond that experience? How do you not indict one from being sexist, racist and/or any other -isms? More personally, how do we move beyond an indictment when we have been personally violated?

what are the differences between public and social rape, and rape as a personal violation? Are there any collective social healings that we can or should embrace?

If you had to choose between non-violence and soul force to articulate Rev. Dr. martin Luther King Jr.'s narrative, which would you choose? Why?

What personal struggles have you experienced when expressing your hurt and making sure that you don't continue the offense? In other words, specifically how do we speak justice, power and excellence into existence?

How do we channel our emotions, thoughts and reaction of the most recent murders in to creating anew justice paradigm?

how does any of the above fits into history and mass incarceration?

Do you have other questions that you want to be addressed by anyone or others?

By all means, as the host anything about the neighborhood, his home and deco.

Submitted by William Goldsby 7/9/16