/futures feb 23 '17
So the Beardspace bus was a no-go. According to the mechanic, the crosspiece was completely rotted out, necessitating thousands of dollars in repairs. I drove the bus back to New Jersey, and took the rest of the day off. My friends were disappointed. I was disappointed. It was a rough day.

The next bus will not hold as much of a personal narrative. I found a bus in Long Island, made a phone call, had a good experience with the seller, and we are moving forward with the deal. It is more expensive but will require few to no repairs. Either they will deliver it, or I will go up and drive it down, because that’s what I do. My friends joke that I tend to be the "go-to" guy for strange, sketch jobs outside the typical realm of possibility. Maybe I’ll hitchhike up to Long Island. Sure! I like seeing things work out by any means necessary. I like riding hard for my comrades. Things will work out.

There’s the old saying that how you handle setbacks says more about your character than anything else. I was upset about the Beardspace bus on behalf of my friends, I wanted it to work out for everyone, and as a result I spent a few hours commiserating with the other people affected by the situation. I probably looked a little too unprofessionally crestfallen at the mechanic shop when we got the news. Yet once the emotions subsided, I went hard looking for other buses. Then I found a second bus.

And that’s the story of Philadelphia Assembled folks!

Continue to stay tuned for more updates on the bus.

-Marlon MacAllister