/futures sep 12 '18

Indigenous Peoples' Day Philly 2018

Indigenous Peoples' Day Philly 2018, Celebration and Teach-In: IPD Philly organized by: Indigenous 215 Collective, Taino Cultural Workshops, Indigenous Peoples in Philadelphia, We Are the Seeds, and community members October 12th, 6-10 p.


/futures jun 12 '18

Giant African baobab trees die suddenly after thousands of years

Demise of four out of 13 of the ancient landmarks linked to climate change by researchers Some of Africa’s oldest and biggest baobab trees have abruptly died, wholly or in part, in the past decade, according to researchers.


/futures dec 6 '17


I went to the staged reading of WORKING on October 24th, directed by Jean Haskell and presented by the students of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Temple University. The staged reading consisted of excerpts from the musical, WORKING, which was originally based on nonfiction book published in 1972.


/futures dec 5 '17

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is Not About Columbus

We can’t have dialogue if our languages are dead. At the Indigenous Peoples’ Day Celebration, we learned of Coaquannock’s former Pow Wows celebrated in a beautiful documentary by Ollin Yolitzli Calmecac.


/futures sep 12 '17

One Participant's Take on Saturday's PHLA Opening

Philadelphia Assembled is the process of over a hundred people putting their creative inputs into an ecosystem of programming. It would never - could never - be just one thing. The Art Museum and its staff have done a heroic job of wrangling everything together through the forms of a mural, exhibition spaces, and programming in the Perelman Building.


/futures sep 12 '17

Worldbuilding Workshop

For my contribution the day of the PHLA Opening Celebration at the Perelman Building, I hosted a world-building workshop. The workshop consisted of a changing crew of about six people as folks walked back and forth through the exhibit, some leaving partway through, and some joining partway through, talking about the future and how to meet its challenges by imagining it through the lens of creating art.


/futures jul 1 '17

You Are Now Here - with Black Quantum Futurism

Maps are everywhere around us, ever present to help us navigate both public and personal geographies, or orient ourselves in communal and universal landscapes. But all maps come with an agenda - as much as maps can reveal about a place or idea, maps also have the power to hide or distort truths.


/futures may 27 '17

Exploring Paul Robeson

The Mobiel Futures Institute stopped by the Paul Robeson House today for their Open House and a special performative reading of Robeson's 1956 testimony before the House Committee of Un-American activities.


/futures may 1 '17

Futures on Strike: A Day to Speak of Freedom and Just Futures

Coinciding with May Day, a historic day for labor activism, Futures on Strike consisted of a workshop, open conversations with passersby, and spoken-word performances that draw on stories of freedom and just futures.


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