/sanctuary jul 25 '17
It has now been 6 months since the Inauguration, and as we transition to fighting for the long haul we remember a few things:

• As we defend our communities against the extremist policies of the Trump Administration, it is critical we also have offensive campaigns.

• We must stay grounded in the long-term work of shifting the balance of power. With each step we take, we advance our campaigns, we engage more people, and we build leadership. This is the daily hard work that will make sure justice bends to the side of the people.

• Amidst these very busy and crisis-filled days, it is equally important to reflect, connect with our deep values and traditions, and make sure we work from a place of abundance instead of scarcity.

• This work is about building family - and when we work on this level we make sure we show up, fight for each other, love each other, stick together, and build Sanctuary for each other.

Follow this link for a video interview with Stevanie, member of Philadelphia Praise Center and New Sanctuary Movement (NSM), as she talks about organizing, NSM, and building Sanctuary for each other. Featured as part of MMP's Philly We Rise videos!

Written by New Sanctuary Movement; film curated by Media Mobilizing Project and 215 People's Alliance as part of their 'Reimagining Resistance series'
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